Gluten Free Meal Ideas - Corndog Muffins.

My son and I have not been pleased with any of the gluten free hamburger or hotdog buns that we've bought so we've looked for alternatives.  One thing I do is buy a gluten cornbread mix ( my favorite is Pamela's), mix as directed and add half of a gluten free hot dog to each muffin.  I use Bar-S hot dogs because they're cheap and I know they are gluten free.

I'm trying to enter this in a gluten free carnival on The Gluten Free Homemaker.  
Follow this link for other gluten free muffin recipes.

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  1. Great idea! One thing that I have missed that I barely ever ate anyways is corn dogs! One you know you can't have something is when you want it, no matter if you ate it before or not! :)