A few years ago I bought a trifle dish at Walmart for 6 dollars.  I had in mind to make something that we called punch bowl cake.  It was angel food cake layered with vanilla pudding, whipped cream, strawberries, bananas and pineapple.  My husband and I really like this but it turns out, my daughter doesn't like vanilla pudding.  So I started to think of different things that we could put in the trifle bowl, looking at Pinterest and recipe sites and we've gotten to the point where we take a trifle to nearly every holiday event.  Several of our family members are gluten free and so this will probably be the only dessert that they get at the party, so we want to make it a good one.  Traditional trifles contain alcohol, but we want ours to be okay for everyone to eat and Baptist friendly, so ours do not.  Just desserts.  In layers.  Of yumminess.

 These are particularly well-suited to gluten free cake mixes from the salvage grocery store that sometimes bake up dry.  The layers of fruit, pudding, custard, etc. help it moisten up.

I'll share a couple of our favorites, but when you make this, be creative.  I'll put a list at the bottom of the post of possible ingredients, but really, the possibilities are endless.

We like to make a black forest trifle which consists of chocolate cake cut in cubes, Pillsbury cheesecake filling (this comes in a tub but I haven't been able to find it lately) and cherry pie filling.  We get the most compliments on this one.  Last time I couldn't find the cheesecake filling I mixed up a combination of cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk like you would find in a cherry cheese pie.   

Sometimes we do vanilla/yellow cake, whipped cream and strawberries and sugar.  This is also very popular.

For Easter this year, we used a yellow cake mix, added lemon pudding and Country Time Lemonade  to make a lemon cake, then added a can of lemon pie filling and whipped cream and just for fun, some strawberries.   We barely made it home with any of this.

So anyway, get creative add whipped cream, any flavor of cake, any kind of fruit, any type of pudding, custard, pie filling, candy, brownies, sprinkles ... you get the idea.

These make special occasions really special.  :-)

Chocolate Chip Cookies Revisited.

We had a good recipe but then we lost it.  :-(  I have no idea how.  I keep my printed out recipes in a binder.  Oh well.  We've recovered.

Now we use this recipe:  Land O Lakes 

and either Bloomfield Farms gluten free baking mix or Simple Truth Organic baking mix.

Both are good.  I think with the Simple Truth, the cookies are flatter.  We'd like something that makes them a little puffy, but not too puffy.  We need to do some more research.  



Hamburger buns!

I didn't make these from scratch.  I used the Glutino bread mix that I have been getting at the salvage grocery for 50 cents a box.  I add things to the mix to make it taste better to us.  Sometimes I add pineapple juice instead of some of the water.  Today, I was out of pineapple juice so I used a teaspoon of sugar and 1/2 a teaspoon of ginger.  I was using half of the box of bread since I'd used the other half last week to make Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger pie.  That's easier, but this is better in my opinion.  Both are very good ways to have a cheeseburger.  These buns held together well and tasted good.  Very, very good.