Some notes on gluten free flour.

Certain flours are better for certain things.  I have found this week that King Arthur gluten free flour * is the best, the absolute best for pancakes.  So.  Good.  I got a bag of the Pillsbury baking mix and it's not as good.  It does fine with other things though and it's cheaper, so there's that.  Pillsbury may have taken the lead for our family in cake mixes though.  We do love King Arthur's cake mixes, both the vanilla and chocolate, very much, but this week we made a Pillsbury Funfetti cake and my daughter's comment was that this was not just good gluten free cake, it was good cake, period.  A high compliment.  :-)

I also enjoy Glutino bread mix, but the last time I got a box of it, I didn't use it to make a loaf of bread, I used it to make hamburger pie and pigs in a blanket.  Yum.   The hamburger pie was served at an extended family gathering and many people ate it without realizing it was gluten free.  Success.
I should also note that Bloomfield Farms and Pamela's also make very good, solid performing, good tasting flours and Pamela's is definitely my choice for cornbread.

* Edited to note that the second box of King Arthur flour that we bought did not do well for pancakes and so now we've officially switched our favorite for pancakes to Simple Truth Organic.  The pancakes are fluffy and absorb the syrup in a way that is really, really good.

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