Salsa Chicken.

I haven't made this in a while, but I think it's time to dig the recipe out again.  Using Progresso Creamy Mushroom will make it gluten free.  Watch our for the reduced sodium taco seasoning.  At Kroger, where I shop, for some reason, the reduced sodium taco seasoning has wheat in it.

Salsa Chicken


Some food reviews.

Annies Bunnies.

We had these yesterday on our trip.  Points for portability and flavor but a little grainy/sandy texture.
Arrowhead Rice and Shine

We had a good test of this yesterday.  My son and his girlfriend made it, decided it did not taste good on it's own and tried to make it palatable.  She added cheese and butter, to make it more like grits and he went the sweet route, adding oatmeal and brown sugar.  He said that his was good and she did not like hers, but both agreed that next time, they'd just skip this and have grits or oatmeal, gluten free, of course.

Katz Donuts 

These are fabulous.  Get these.

Pamela's Baking Mix

This is my go-to for pancakes, banana bread, muffins and those Impossibly Easy pies from the Betty Crocker website.

Pamela's Artisan Blend.  

This is best for dinner rolls and bread.

Bloomfield Farms

Good for thickening gravy and for cookies.  Also good for baking.


Best for chocolate chip cookies.  :-)