So what do we eat day to day?

For a special breakfast, I like to have toast made in the skillet (Like a grilled cheese sandwich) made with Rudi's bread.  My daughter prefers the Schar bread.  I can also have eggs, bacon, sausage, Chex and some other types of cereal, Cocoa Pebbles are a favorite.  I also often have Yoplait yogurt or peanut butter smeared on a banana.

For lunch, I usually have leftovers of whatever dinner I made the day before.   I work at home during the morning, but I am often out and about in the afternoon, so I try to fill the crockpot with something so that when I return about the time my husband returns from work, we can sit down to dinner.

Things that have been in the crockpot lately include beef stew, white chicken chili, and taco soup.  Visit Stephanie O'Dea's website for a treasure trove of gluten free (ALL OF THEM) crock pot recipes.

When I have a little time, I will cook something like taco pie or hamburger pie, or traditional meat, potatoes and a vegetable meals which can be adapted very easily to the gluten free lifestyle ... just make sure not to bread your meat!

Sometimes the simplest things are best.

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