Why try?

We usually buy Rudi's brand  bread, but it is grocery day and we are out.  Fortunately we just got a shipment  (subscribe and save ) of Pamela's brand cornbread.   We needed a quick lunch so, tada, corn bread ham sandwiches.  I'm getting a little more creative with the breads.  I've went the whole route trying to get the taste of wheat bread adding things like sweet potatoes, pineapple juice and apple cider vinegar to the various flour mixes to try and emulate the flavor, but it seems impossible so why try?  Cornbread tastes good.   :-)  A couple of weeks ago, we also found that mashed potato pancakes make very fine hamburger buns as long as they and the hamburgers are pretty small.   I make these with Bloomfield Farms gluten free flour mix.

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