Batch cooking.

I'm not sure what the word is, batch, bulk?  I don't do the marathon cook a month at a time thing (yet) but I do cook quite a bit on the days I don't have anything else scheduled.  I kind of have an odd rhythm to my life right now because I go see my mom every third day and I am gone a minimum of 4 hours.  So I work in the mornings, Tuesday through Saturday and do my visiting schedule so that means that often I am not here at dinner time, so on the afternoons when I am here I do extra cooking.  This seems to make the gluten free lifestyle a bit easier for me.  There are gluten free things in the fridge that just need to be warmed up, nearly all of the time.  Right now, I'm home so I have boneless chicken in a slow cooker for chicken salad to make later, I'm making taco soup and vegetable soup and later on, probably cornbread.   I use a 2 pound hamburger package for both of the soups, since each require one pound.  It will simplify my weekend, having this done.
Maybe I'll get some of the other housework done?  It could happen.  :-) 


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