A great trip to the salvage store.

There's a salvage store about 30 minutes from here.  They sell bent and dent kind of groceries and things that are past their expiration date.  I won't buy things that are way, way out of date, but if it was last month, sure.  I get a lot of bargains on gluten free foods in this way and this is a great way to try things that I wouldn't ordinarily take a chance on because of the expense.

Here's an excerpt from the Time Magazine article I linked above.

  • “Use by” and “Best by”: These dates are intended for consumer use, but are typically the date the manufacturer deems the product reaches peak freshness. It’s not a date to indicate spoilage, nor does it necessarily signal that the food is no longer safe to eat.
  • “Sell by”: This date is only intended to help manufacturers and retailers, not consumers. It’s a stocking and marketing tool provided by food makers to ensure proper turnover of the products in the store so they still have a long shelf life after consumers buy them. Consumers, however, are misinterpreting it as a date to guide their buying decisions. The report authors say that “sell by” dates should be made invisible to the consumer.
I got some Glutino crackers and cookies, some pasta, some cornbread mix, 4 of the big Snickers for a dollar, the ones that are at least a dollar each.  (Those are hidden in the pantry for a post-Easter-candy-chocolate emergency),  a Brownie mix and some to them were priced as low as 50 cents.  It's pretty amazing.  Do a Google maps search of your area for Salvage Grocery stores and see if you can find one near you.  

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