I made a copycat Hamburger Helper.

Divas Can Cook!

I'm not talking about me this time, but I went searching for a hamburger helper copycat and this is where I found it.  It's pretty good and really not more work than the packaged hamburger helper.  A few weeks ago I had gotten some Mrs. Leepers Gluten Free Stroganoff mix marked down at our Kroger store.  I haven't found it again and besides, it's kind of pricey but my youngest son had liked it and had requested it again.  Meanwhile, a couple of things happened.  First, we were at the craft fair all weekend and haven't made a proper grocery trip this week and also my friend decided not to go gluten free and gave me a bunch of GF pasta.

I used half of a 2 pound package of hamburger (yes grocers, we have noticed that you are now packaging 2 pounds like you used to package 3 pounds and the price is still the same.  :-( )  and some of the pasta.  It's pretty good.  :-)

With the other half of the package of meat, I made meatloaf and I more than likely will go visit my mom and not cook tomorrow so we will be having leftovers.

Here follow some very unprofessional pictures.  Keep in mind, I'm not a professional cook, I'm lazy and if I can do gluten free, believe me, anybody can.

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