Time Magazine Article on Rise of Celiac

So, the next day ...

One of the rolls was used as a biscuit and I made bacon, gravy and eggs to go with it.  It was yummy.  We kept the rolls in the fridge overnight, in a zip lock bag and then warmed them for a few seconds in the microwave before eating them.  The gravy I made with a gluten free bisquick and the bacon grease.  I have tried using corn starch to make gravy, but I do not have as much luck with that as I do with just using whatever gluten free flour blend that I have.



My issues with gluten free baking in the past have been that the bread has an aftertaste or that it has no taste at all.  So I have looked around, gotten a bunch of books on gluten free baking, read blogs and websites and there is one main problem with all of the recipes and one main problem with me.

The problem with me, is I'm a lazy cook.  The problem with the recipes is that they have a lot of steps.  I don't do well with a lot of steps or a lot of ingredients.  I just shut down about ingredient number 7 or something, when I am reading these.

But we as a family love bread.  Deeply.  So I have kept trying and by that I mean trying to find a recipe that has flavor and no aftertaste and is pretty easy to mix up.  My mother in law makes wheat filled potato rolls that are to die for and that is the standard I have been after in gluten free baking.  

Finally, I think I may have gotten close.   I took this recipe,   and modified it a little bit. What I mean by modifying it a little bit is the following.

1.  I used gluten free flour instead of wheat flour.  I had 2 different boxes of flour mix here.  One was a rice flour mix with xanthan gum and the other was a couple of other mixed flours.
2.  I did not use a stand mixer because I don't have one.  I mixed with a hand mixer.
3.  I did not exactly follow the add this and add that methods by which I mean, I didn't even read them and just dumped everything in one bowl.  Also, I did not mix it up very much because I have heard that gluten free flours, especially ones with gums added, do better with less mixing.
4.  For half of the water, I added pineapple juice, for that all important ingredient that gluten free flours often lack ... flavor.
5.  I cut out about half of the rising time because I am not only lazy, but impatient, but I would not recommend this.  They didn't, of course, rise as much as they should have.

They were very good, not the best rolls I have had in my life, but the best ones that I have had in the last 5 years since I went gluten free.

I'm going to work on perfecting them, so stay tuned ... by Thanksgiving, I want them to be the best they can be.


I made a copycat Hamburger Helper.

Divas Can Cook!

I'm not talking about me this time, but I went searching for a hamburger helper copycat and this is where I found it.  It's pretty good and really not more work than the packaged hamburger helper.  A few weeks ago I had gotten some Mrs. Leepers Gluten Free Stroganoff mix marked down at our Kroger store.  I haven't found it again and besides, it's kind of pricey but my youngest son had liked it and had requested it again.  Meanwhile, a couple of things happened.  First, we were at the craft fair all weekend and haven't made a proper grocery trip this week and also my friend decided not to go gluten free and gave me a bunch of GF pasta.

I used half of a 2 pound package of hamburger (yes grocers, we have noticed that you are now packaging 2 pounds like you used to package 3 pounds and the price is still the same.  :-( )  and some of the pasta.  It's pretty good.  :-)

With the other half of the package of meat, I made meatloaf and I more than likely will go visit my mom and not cook tomorrow so we will be having leftovers.

Here follow some very unprofessional pictures.  Keep in mind, I'm not a professional cook, I'm lazy and if I can do gluten free, believe me, anybody can.


Veggie Dinner!

It's veggie night.  We're having smashed potatoes, corn and broccoli and cheese.  It's yummy.  It's easy.  It's gluten free.

Today's lunch.

Seriously, I am not suffering being gluten free.  I had cooked a chicken in the crock pot the other day, so today I made it into chicken rice soup and made a grilled cheese sandwich out of Rudi's bread to go with it.
There are great instructions on how to make soup from a rotisserie chicken here at Tori Avey and from what I understand (and I've eaten them with no problem) Walmart and Kroger's rotisserie chickens are gluten free.  You always need to read the label of course.  Using a rotisserie chicken cuts the prep time down and makes it easier on you.  



Chicken Chili.

This is the easiest way to make gluten free white chili.  It's tasty too.  Buy this.

And follow the package directions.  Easy and good.

Gluten free does not have to be complicated or terribly expensive.

Gluten Free Easy 30 Day Trial


What about a grilled sandwich for breakfast?

We only like gluten free bread if it is cooked like a grilled cheese, toasted or waffle-ironed.  Our toaster belongs to the gluten eaters in the house, so we often use a small frying pan and a little bit of butter to cook our sandwiches.  You could use whatever you feel comfortable using, even a sprayed olive oil works just fine.  This, I believe, is a photo of one of my daughter's creations, which I think is a grilled peanut butter sandwich.  Other combinations are grilled PB&J, grilled peanut butter and Nutella, grilled cheese (of course), grilled ham and cheese, grilled BLT and grilled bacon and egg sandwiches.

We are gluten free, but we aren't suffering, that's for sure.