My son's sandwich.

We have really been into sandwiches this summer, which is not really a good thing when you are gluten free.  We enjoy them, but the bread is expensive.  My son made a very nice looking sandwich to take for his lunch at work and left it sitting on a plate in the kitchen for a few minutes and I went and took a picture of it.  I had made a trip to a walmart near my mom's assisted living facility yesterday because we were out of lunchmeat (too many sandwiches, not enough real cooking!) and found that it had a great big gluten free section with the Schar bread and in their meat department, they had this ham that is clearly marked gluten free.  It was cheaper than the Kentucky Legend ham that we usualy buy and I didn't have to squint at the label to see if it was gluten free.  It's pretty clear.  :-)  

We like to either waffle iron or fry our sandwiches because gluten free bread tends to be better that way.  We would also use a toaster if we had a dedicated gluten free one, but we don't and we really don't have any more countertop space.  I may put another table by the microwave table for gluten free sandwich prep and get a toaster some day, in addition to the waffle iron, but for now, this works.  If only this had a home grown tomato ....