Odd benefits of not eating gluten.

I'm just a little over 4 years gluten free.  First, and most importantly, my chronic fatigue, constant body aches and headaches have went away.  My fibromyalgia has basically disappeared.  But also, there have been some subtle changes and some of them are just happening recently, 4 years in.  I have had to turn down the volume on all the things I listen to, TV, my computer, my car radio and my husband's computer - all of them, because my hearing is better. 

My sense of smell is better.  At the time I actually went gluten free, I could only smell the strongest of scents and I was always a few minutes behind everyone else on noticing those.  If it's a skunk, that's a good thing, but still.  Smelling smoke might save my life at some point.  :-) 

My skin has cleared up.  I thought that acne was going to follow me into my 50s and this might be an aging thing, but my skin has cleared up.  The last thing is that my hair is thicker.  I used to be able to put all of my hair in a ponytail and it was only maybe 3/4 of an inch in diameter and now it is nearly twice that.  I feel like I have so much hair now! 

Have you noticed any odd benefits?


Gluten free mom getting the food on the table.

Since I went gluten free 4 years ago, 2 of my children have followed in my footsteps, so there is always someone else that I am cooking for besides myself.  I might be happy with the same thing for 3 days in a row, but they are not.  So I cook.  All the time.  I like to have meals I can get on the table quickly, because we often come home from places hungry.  Often we can't eat at parties or restaurants, so, you know, HUNGRY.   If you keep pre-cooked hamburger in the freezer, you can have these on the table within 15-20 minutes. 

My favorite go-to meals.

Pizza muffins - I use a cup and a half of Pamela's gluten free baking mix, 2 eggs and enough water to make it into a pancake-like batter, put a tablespoon of this mixture in the bottom of each muffin tin, put in about a teaspoon of pizza sauce (I use the Kroger brand), a few Hormel pepperoni minis and some mozerella cheese, then cover this all with another tablespoon of flour mixture.

Tacos - I use either the Kroger brand taco seasoning (make sure it's not reduced sodium) or Old El Paso with my ground beef then add corn taco shells (read the label), sour cream, cheese and lettuce.

Grilled Cheese - Rudi's bread, a little butter and a slice of cheese.

Taco Soup - One pound ground beef, 3 cans of Ranch beans, 1 can of corn, 1 can of tomatoes and green chilis and 1 packet of taco seasoning mix, see above.

Spaghetti - Cook Thai rice noodles according to package directions and pour on some Ragu chunky garden style roasted garlic.  I like to add in ground beef and make a meat sauce, but it's not necessary.  Also, sometimes I put it in the oven and melt mozerella cheese on top of it.  Yum.

Any of the Betty Crocker Impossibly Easy Pies - I just use Pamela's Baking Mix instead of Bisquick with no other alterations.