2 Recipes for Taco Soup.

This is one of my oldest son's favorites, possibly his all-time favorite.

1 can kidney beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can black beans
1 can rotel
1 pound ground beef (cooked and drained)
1 package gluten free taco seasoning.  (El Paso)

You just fry the hamburger, add everything else and eat it with corn chips, cheese and sour cream.

A few weeks ago, he wanted some but I didn't have any of these types of beans so I looked up another recipe and found this one.

2 cans Ranch Beans (which are gluten free, thank goodness)
2 cans rotel
2 cans corn
1 pound ground beef
1 package taco seasoning

Fry the hamburger, add everthing else and heat it up. 

We love both of these.

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