For Memorial Day I bought a Pamela's Vanilla Cake Mix, baked it, cut it into cubes and layered it in a trifle bowl with sugared strawberries and whipped cream.  I took it to a cookout with about 15 people present.  It was gone in about 5 minutes with comments of 'so good, so good!"  and my favorite "if this is gluten free, then obviously I don't need gluten in my life". 

It was really yummy.  I really think the vanilla flavor of the cake made it better than traditional shortcake. 


Things that bug me.

  I had read an article on line that said that people who go gluten free can never have pasta or fried chicken again and generally went on to say a lot of things that weren't true. The truth is that it is not as convenient to eat gluten free.  You have to find sources for gluten free foods that you like or learn to make them yourself.  I use a little of each.  For example, for pasta and fried chicken, I'd buy this gluten free macaroni from Hodgson Mills because it's available at my grocery store for about 3.50 a box and I'd get some plain chicken, bread it  with Pamela's Mix or Bloomfield Farms Mix and fry it myself.  The article was for my local county extension office and they were having a meeting to discuss it (on a day  I have another commitment unfortunately).  My son said that I should go and
take along a nice pasta salad and some fried chicken, or perhaps a nice lasagna.  :-)  Since I couldn't attend the meeting, I did post a comment on the article and let them know what I thought about their "never eat pasta or fried chicken again" comment.  They didn't publish my comment, but today I looked at it and they had re-worded it a bit, to make it slightly more true, so I guess I'll leave them alone and not link to them.  :-P  They added in phrases like "almost all" and "the kind you're used to anyway". 

Another thing that bugs me is a friend of mine, a mom who has a daughter who has been proven to have gluten intolerance that is very detrimental to her health, so her mom only lets her have gluten once a week.  Also, though I have told her many times and given her a copy of my book, she was still letting her daughter have mainstream cereals because 'cheerios are made with oats."  Yes, but they still have gluten in the barley malt flavoring or malt flavoring.  Sigh.

And once a week?  Something that's basically poison to you?



Gluten free meals from a pound of hamburger.

Impossibly easy cheeseburger pie
Spaghetti - use the same noodles as in the lasagna above and just pour your Ragu over it.
Manwich (or Manwich impossible pies.)
Zatarain's Dirty Rice and Hamburger.

My book.