Day 5

 Today's  Menu

Omelet with ham, cheese, green peppers.

Superstuffed baked potato with butter, Daisy sour cream, Mexican 4 Cheese and Oscar Meyer real bacon bits.

"Spaghetti" made with Thai Kitchen Rice Noodles follow the directions on the box for pasta.
Ragu pasta sauce
Ground beef
(gluten free) garlic cheese biscuits

Hot apple cider

Today's Recipe
Garlic cheese biscuits

Bisquick biscuits as in day 4.  Cut in half, butter, sprinkle with garlic salt and Kraft 4 cheese shreds and bake in oven for 10 minutes until browned and cheese is melted.  

Please note, some people cannot tolerate the Bisquick and have a gluten like reaction to it.  If you are one of these people, please try another brand of biscuit mix such as Bob's Red Mill.   I can find several types of pancake/biscuit mix in my grocery store.  Some are near the other baking mixes, some are in the nutrition section and some are in the pharmacy. 

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