Day 19

Today's Menu

Instant Breakfast - Strawberry flavored powdered mix (not premixed)

Smart Ones Lemon Herb Chicken

Layered Crock Pot Dinner - Steak, potatoes and corn on the cob.

Fruit cocktail

Today's Recipe

Layered Crock Pot Dinner  - This is another one that I've adapted a little bit from Stephanie O'Dea's cookbook, Make it Fast, Cook it Slow.  Here's her website.

1 package of steak 
Corn on the cob
1 can of beef broth.
Put beef broth in crock pot, add steak.  On top of the steak put whole raw potatoes that you have washed.  I have 5 people in my family so I usually put in 7 or so.  I know who is going to want more than one.  Then I add corn on the cob on top of the potatoes.  Stephanie wraps them in foil, but I just throw them right in there.  Cook for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high until potatoes are tender and steak is done. My family LOVES this.

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